Sunday, January 31, 2010

Preparation Sunday - Step 7 of 7

Over the spam of seven Sundays, I am sharing with you my approach to preparing your ancestor stories to share with others. Before you can share, of course, you must have them and have them in a form to be useful to share and tell. [ See 13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories, for doing that]

If you are on Facebook, the 7 Steps of Preparation to TELL YOUR ANCESTOR STORIES are already available by joining the Cause: TELL YOUR ANCESTOR STORIES. I encourage you to join - and participate in the discussions.

The 7 Steps are, very briefly: Ask, Listen, Record, Organize, Research, Write, Share.

Our focus today is on Share, the 7th of the 7 Steps. Of course, my first recommendation is to BUY THE BOOK - print or download.  ;-)

If you haven't even peeked at it yet, here is a preview. Surprise, the book lists 13 ways to share/tell your ancestor story. There they are listed:

1. Blog
2. Book
3. Newsletter
4. Website
5. Podcast
6. Videos
7. Wikis
8. Scrapbooking
9. Brochures
10. Posters
11. Art and Artifacts
12. Oral Perforance
13. Other

The possibilities are endless. Enjoy the journey. Comments welcomed.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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  1. Lots of great, inspiring ideas here! I may not get any housework done today, either! :)