Friday, January 22, 2010

The "Long Tail" of Genealogical Records

I just came across the genlighten post: Exploring The "Long Tail" of Genealogical Records. I am a long-time supporter of Chris Anderson's "Long Tail" philosophy and wanted to get this excellent treatment of it recorded here, for my own reference.  Dean at genlighten does a nice job of explaining the concept as applied to genealogy records. I support this approach fully, and hope that many of us will continue to support the concept and participate.

I first learned of the "Long Tail" in the tourism area as I was involved in the Kansas Flint Hills - we were not yet as well known as the Black Hills, the Ozarks, or the Grand Canyon, for example. However, we did have much new and different to offer the traveler to the midwest, great plains, heartland of the USA and needed to get the word out. With the concept of the "Long Tail" we, as volunteers, were able to assist many of the local attractions gain much of the attention of their prospective visitors that they sought.

We can and should do the same with the many small sources of information for your genealogical studies and searches. The folks at genlighten seem to be leading the way... let's go that way too.

Families are Forever! :-)

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