Saturday, January 16, 2010

Surname Saturday - BUTLER

On previous Saturdays, we have reported all of the known ancestor lineage surnames through  the great-grandparent surnames (see earlier Saturday Surname posts in the left column, scroll down - back into 2009).

From the "round of sixteen" - great-great grandparents (scroll down a bit...) - we have already reported six of the eight male surnames, two are unknown (from Denmark). Five of the eight on the female lines are known: ROLEN, BUTLER, CARLE, SIMMONS, and DUNCAN; these will be reported next, in order.

Today, we will look briefly at BUTLER. I introduced BUTLER earlier in a post on John BUTLER, my first  Irish ancestor. John was the father of Asenath BUTLER (1803-1888) who married William PRESTON (1780-1837), becoming my 2nd great grandmotheer - the mother of James P. PRESTON (1835-1906). He, in turn, with his wife, Ellen Rebecca MILLER (1850-1912), were the parents of Ellen Rebecca PRESTON (1880-1923), my paternal grandmother. [P.S. After William PRESTON died, leaving five small children, Asenath BUTLER did remarry, to Asa THOMAS, and raised a second family of three sons as well, and lived a long life.]

Fairly early on I was fortunate to discover a book published in St. Louis, MO, around 1900, called "The Butler Family in America, Complied by William David Butler, John Cromwell Butler, and Joseph Marion Butler; and was able to obtain a reproduced copy of the entire book. It was of my family line (there are many, many BUTLER lines, of course), and has been of great to use as a starting point.

In July of 1996, I posted a rather extensive web page on the Butler family base on my reading of this book and my subsequent research:

It has continued to be a great family to research!!

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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