Monday, February 1, 2010

My Hometown on Monday -Week 5 - 1929 business list

Merchants, Tradesmen and Merchants Financial Condition for Carroll County, Iowa; information obtained from the March 1929, R. G. Dun Mercantile Agency Reference Book, for Coon Rapids, Carroll County, Iowa

Armour & Co - Pkrs (Br of Chicago, Illinois)
Bell & Stormy - Gar
Berkelew Mrs Cora - Milly
Boehler Albert O - Cement, Tile, &c
Boehler George F - Rest
Bower & Bower - D G & Shoes
Bowman & Bowman - Meat
Bryan Joseph T - Var
Cadden & Bell - Autos & Gar
Caswell Carl F - Paint, Wallpaper & Mfr Wallppr Trimmer
Clark Earl - Used Autos, &c
Coder C. E. - Furn & Und
Collin & Perlin - G S
Coon Rapids Hardware Co (not inc) Hware & Radios
Coon Rapids Oil Co (not inc) - W & R
Esdohr & Esdohr - Rest
Frohlich Edward C - Groc
Garst Store, The (Trade name) - D G. Clo. &c.
Gibson C. B. - Jwlry
Grettenberg Wm - Grain, Coal, Feed & Implts
Groteluschen Louis - Impts (Br of Audubon)
Henry Samuel D. - Prtr & Publ
Johnson J. Lewis - Clo, Mens Furng, &c
Johnston Motor Co  (not inc) - Gar
Jones Fulton C - Harn, Hware, Autos &  Implts
Keister Lumber Co (not inc) - none
Kral J. J. - Shoe Rep
Kupka W. J. - Plbr
Leach J. W. - Gro (Br of Guthrie Center)
McGowan P. H. - Billds
Miller E. W. & Son - Grain & Coal
Muller W. J. - Harn & Feed
Patterson John P. - Photo
Phillips  Bertha (Mrs James) - Bak
Rafferty O. E. - Billds
Royer Drub Co - none
Scott Otis C. - Bsmith
Textor Bros - Gro & Meat
Titus Ellis A. - Shoe Rep
Tucker James E. - Jwlr
Wallace Henry - Bsmith
Whitnell Verne - Hware & Plbr
Whitten Clifton H - Drugs, &c

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  1. Bill
    You are an inspiration for me!

  2. We swung thru Iowa twice last year-where's Carroll County?

  3. Carroll County is above the middle of center in the western half of the state. In center of a triangle of Des Moines, Omaha, Sioux City, perhaps... ;-) Carroll is county seat.