Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Jan 1958 School Dedication

These four scans are of a mimeographed "program" for the dedication of the new elementary school - it is still very much in use today, by the way. My Dad was President of the School Board. I had graduated from High School the prior spring; but my younger brothers went to school in the new building. Moat of the High School teachers, for example, are the ones I had, as well.

I'll speak to this program in a future My Hometown on Monday post, and link to here.

Families are Forever! ;-)


  1. I love how the word "enrolment" is spelled! How interesting to see the total spent on the various categories!

  2. I started school the fall of 1957 so I was in the first kindergarten class in this building. I still remember it well. Kindergarten and first grade had a hall with their own playground. Then you got to go up the stairs to second grade and work your way around the class rooms that were around the perimeter of the multipurpose room. I had several of the teachers that are listed on the program.