Monday, January 11, 2010

My Hometown - Week 2

From the: Biographical and Historical Record of Greene and Carroll Counties,
Iowa. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company (1887).

The following firms are in business at Coon Rapids in December, 1886:

J.H. Adams, Merrill Hotel

W.H. Asher & Co., general store

J. Bates & Co., drugs

Beed Brothers, elevator

E.J. Bradley, lumber

A. Brutsche, general store

C.L. Cady, barber

John Cooney, bank

Cumpston & Co., drugs

L.A. Cushman, barber

Dale & George, elevator

I.L. Dermond & Bro., grocery

B.F. Erb, drugs

George Foreman, mill

H.Frisbie, livery

E. & W. Garst, general store

A.M. Graham, meat market

A.R. Hatfield, general store

S.D. Henry, publisher of the Enterpise

L. Hoffman, tailor

Holliday & Harris, insurance

O.D. Houghton, butcher

S.E. Huse, lumber

M.H. Ish, grocery

W.J. Jackley, billiard hall

Jones Bros., hardware

F.C. Jones, post office

W. Law, blacksmith

J.H. Louthan, harness shop

William McNabb, meat market

H.L. Miller & Co., bank

C.E. Morris, grocery

Mrs. J.D. Parrott, millinery

L.L. Peck, bakery and billiard hall

E.A. Rogers, photographer

Scott & Son, blacksmiths

Steele &Johnson, furniture

A.R. Taylor, hardware

O.C. Triplett, restaurant

J.E. Tucker, jeweler

Henry Wallace, blacksmith

J.F. Yetter, harness

G.W. Zollinger, confectionery


I post this list for future reference. At least one (and possibly two) of these business owners is a relative of mine. This is one approach I want to take in this "My Hometown on Monday" series. I will want to report about their families and relationship to me. [ I've had this information a long time, but it has not been a priority to examine it carefully] Other of these business owners have descendants who continue(d) to play key role(s) in the community. We will do some reporting on them, as well.

When I post future details, related to these businesses, I will come back here and link these businesses those stories.

Second, I do have lists of town businesses in later years. I'll be interested to match them up and compare continuity and differences. This will also provide specific research agendas. We'll see how that goes. It should be fun. Stop back and see where this takes us.

Families are Forever! ;-)

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