Monday, January 18, 2010

My Hometown on Monday - Week 3

This is a list of businesses (with their comments) in Coon Rapids, IA, in the Spring
of 1917, who sponsored the first issue of the Coon Rapids High School yearbook:

E. & W. Garst, Pioneer Store (Comments: In this First High School Annual we wish to congratulate you, the Students of Coon Rapids High School, for the progress you are making. Your school is a better school, you students are better men and women than ever before. It is natural that your school should progress. In the forty-eight years this store has been in business it also has progressed. We have always tried to cater to the student trade. We want you to be our future customers. We will try to win your trade by fair dealing and good merchandise.)

Davenport's Variety Store (Comments: Where every transaction gives lasting satisfaction)

Smith and Morgan Clothiers

The Royer Drug Company (Comments: Pure Drugs, Toilet Articles, Paints, Oils, Etc.; Exclusive Agency for The New Edison Diamond Disc Phonographss: Drop in for an Ice Cream Soda, Sundae or Malted Milk and hear some music recreated by this wonderful instrument)

Jensen's Creamery: Jens Jensen (Comments: Will support our home school, churches and twon. We ask you, who have produce to sell, to support your home creamery)

W.J. Kerwin Hardware: Tin-Shop Repairing

The Red Cross Pharmacy: The Rexall Store, Fred W. Stevenson, Proprietor

J.E. Tucker, Jeweler and Optician, est. 1882

Tom Attebury, for Haircuts, Shaves, Baths, Etc.

I. N. Weaver, Popcorn and Peanuts

Geo. D. Scott, Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear Garments, Shoes and Groceries

Johnston's Garage: Food, Supplies, Filling Station

A. C. Taylor & Co.& Hardware: Tinware, Stoves, Pumps, Windmills, Wagons, Buggies; Gasoline Engines

J. L. Raygor General Merchandise: The Cash Store

Coon Rapids Lumber Company, M. B. Keister, Proprietor

Attend The Lyric, Where you can always see the Best in Movies

Ideal Bakery

L. B. Williams, Manufacturer of Concrete Tile and Builder of Corn Cribs, Silos and Water Tanks; Dealer in Sand, Gravel and Cement

Basement Barber Shop, Allender & Godown: Shine and Bath, Strictly Sanitary

Quality Groceries, The White Front Grocery, Textor Bros, Props.: Service Satisfaction

C. E. Wolfe, Physician and Surgeon

Diamond Hotel, Lige Diamond, Prop.: Let Us Help You Plan and Serve Your Banquets

City Dray Line, Cory Bros.: All Kinds of Delivering

Joyce Lumber Co.: The Wise Builder Picks material that's easy to work

C. F. Caswell, Wall Paper, Paint, Glass, Picture Framing

Jones Auto and Supply Co: Studebaker and Chevrolet Motor Cars; Goodyear, Fisk and Michelin Tubes and Tires

W. H. Brammer, Dealer in Farm Implements, Wagons, Buggies, Washing Machines, gas Engines, Cream Separators

S. F. Border, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance; Local Distributor for Hawkeye Tires and Tubes; Exchanges a Specialty, Collections, Write for List

M. M. Cooney, Law, Loans, Insurance

The Enterprise, S. D. Henry, Editor, est. 1882, circulation 1,200

Grahan Brothers (Art and Lou): Furniture, Rugs, Undertaking: We Deliver the Goods

First National Bank: Capital and Surplus $50,000.00; Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent

The Daylight Store, Fred S. Davis, "Enough Said!"

C. C. Browning, Lawyer

J. D. Rippey: Select your Hereford Cattle here

Jos. Patterson, Photographer

Iowa Railway and Light Company

Iowa Savings Bank of Coon Rapids, Iowa (Officers: Warren Garst, President;
F. C. Jones, Vice President; Jno. W. Smith, Cashier; C. B. Bowman, Asst.
Cash.; Directors: Warren Garst, F. C. Jones, W. H. Pingrey, Jno. W. Smith,
C. B. Bowman)

and some out of town sponsors:
Campbell-Johnson Printing Company, Des Moines, IA
Bureau of Engraving, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
The Osgood Supply Company, Des Moines, IA
Nebraska Blaugas Co, Omaha, NE
Smith System Heating Company, Minneapolis, MN
Metropolitan Supply Company, the Complete School Furnishers, Anamosa, IA
The Wingate Company, Des Moines, IA: Rents Costumes for Class Plays; Also Caps and Gowns for Commencement

[This page originally posted online on June 30, 1997]

Again, as last week, at least one of these business owners is a relative of mine. In addition, many are very familiar family names. Some appear regularly in the 75 and 100 Years Ago columns of The Coon Rapids Enterprise, which I collect faithfully... since I don't yet have ready access to the archives.

Note: Did you catch all the interesting products mentioned above?!?!?

In future posts, I will report on a number of these families, and will link to this list.

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Love your Hometown posts!

    Although you've already got one [more?], I am granting you the Happy 101 Award again!

  2. Thank you for your kindness and your generosity! I happily accept. These are fun to prepare!