Wednesday, March 30, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1945 - March 17 - 7th Anniversary

From Mom’s Diary… 1945
March 17 - 7th Anniversary

Saturday, March 17 - Curly Circle around it… 7 years [written along side]

Nice day. Mom & Bussy came out. Washed & set my hair. Did separator. Had steak for dinner. In P.M. cleaned the house. Scrubbed & waxed kitchen & dining room. Boys worked on cattle shed. Don Wm’s here awhile. Didn’t feel very good. Had potato soup for supper. Gave Billy a bath. Went to bed early.

My comments:

It had been a hard winter, it seems… reading between the lines. One entry said ‘worst blizzard’ ever… 3-7 pages blank, several times. Few weeks earlier, I had tonsillitis, to Doctor for medicine. [Had my tonsils and adenoids out on June 25, at Carroll!]  Jimmy was so sick, hardly slept for several day, about the same time. And, Dad had real sore throat for about a week. Mom had been fine, now she wasn’t feeling good.

Going back to late last fall, Dad and Bussy had been building the Cattle Shed on the south side of the road. I do have vague memories of that happening. One of two complete buildings added while we lived on the farm.

Seventh Anniversary, with two kids, not much time to celebrate!! ;-) Sound familiar? ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)


  1. Very enjoyable, thank you for this