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From Mom’s Diary… 1944 - August 28 - first real day of school

From Mom’s Diary… 1944 - August 28 - first real day of school

Using same school image, again; still gives right 'feel' for the experience!

Monday, August  28:

Got up & fixed breakfast & Billy’s for school. Pete took him. He was home for dinner. He & Pete went to Scranton in P.M. to get school books. Bo’t a box of pears. Ate supper early. Gave Billy a bath & went to bed early. Canned 8 qts peaches. Baked an angel food.

On Tuesday… Billy rode with Mildred… got Billy at 4:00.
On Wednesday… fixed Billy’s lunch. Pete took him to school. … Pete got Billy.
Sept 3 … Billy cutting 6 year molars.
Sept 4 … Made macaroons for Billy to take to school.
Sept 13 … Billy walked home with Joan. Stopped for him & came on home.
Friday, Sept 15 … Let Billy stay up a little later. Played rummy with him awhile.

My comments:

Willow #3 was a little over a mile straight north of the farm house; east across the bridge over Willow Creek and sat on the hill, on the north side of the road. Bowman’s lived a mile straight west of us. Mildred Peverstorf lived a half mile west. Did Joan Bowman and I walk clear from the school, or get a ride with Mildred, the teacher, to her house, and then walk… or did Joan and I walk the full two miles, plus a little? Interesting to speculate. No-one was home, so they had made arrangements, but interesting. It seems I was walking home, some, on my own already. Another note had me walking several blocks in Coon Rapids, from downtown, up to ‘grandma’s house.’

Reallly fun to actually read about my first days going to school!!! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

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