Saturday, March 19, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1944 - June 6 - D-Day

From Mom’s Diary… 1944 - June 6 - D-Day

Tuesday, June 6 - D. Day [Mom had written in diary]

Nice sunny day but cold. Pete got his own breakfast & went to do Toots grinding. Took head of tractor to town. Washed. Had quite a bit. Holley’s came to tune piano at 12:30. Ate, did dishes & Mom hung out rest of clothes. Radio all invasion news. Jimmy fussy. Folded clothes. Got Toots tractor for Bussy to disc with. Max & Elsie stopped a minute. Dad here to supper. Gave Billy a bath.

My comments:

Life just went on, as usual,, but the war did too. A week or so earlier, mention that Paul Nielsen (cousin) ‘went back’ - he served in the Army, in the Pacific Theater. Few references, but just enough to know they did think about it, a lot, even with the challenges of everyday life.

Toots had been very ill earlier with Strep Throat. I think he was better, but Dad had been helping with chores, and other things, in recent days. Pretty sure he would have been living alone, at this time, on the ‘homeplace.’

Piano tuning also important news, of course! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)