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From Mom’s Diary… 1943 - Aug 23 - Boys & I went to field

From Mom’s Diary… 1943 - Aug 23 - Boys & I went to field
A few days after this, there was a big party, in town, honoring several guys in the service, apparently at home on leave at the same time…
Mom, Buzz, and Billy
Assume that is the road down to Schultz's, behind us. 
House off to the left in this photo, old garage behind the tree behind Mom.
This is the road that split our farm, 80 acres on left, 80 acres on right, stretching into background. 
P.S. Buzzy had really put on the height!!! ;-)

This photo is undated, but fits about this time. This day has words in the diary that fit. Buzz was at the farm just about every day, all summer, helping in a variety of ways, included chores at nite. Often stayed over, sometimes taken back to town. Just love this photo!!! ;-)

Monday, August 23:

Really hot. Mom did dishes & boys & I went to field. [Mom and Buzzy had stayed over night on the farm.] Picked cucumbers & sweet corn. Canned 21 qts. in P.M. Really tired at nite. Took Mom in town. Bro’t ice cream home & ate it, then went to bed.

Added note: on August 26:

... went to Club Picnic at church. Quite a crowd. Billy swang at school house. ...

[That would have been at Star School, across the road from the Star Church. That is where Nancy went to school in future years. First mention of me being there... ]

My comments:

Just another day, like many others. It is interesting that I am beginning to get memories of doing many of these activities, though it is like from a few years later. The daily routine, and folks they interacted with, really didn’t change that much, over the next ten years. I guess, honestly, that is the biggest surprise to me [Not sure why it is a surprise, but just had not thought about those years before I was old enough to remember…] in reading these diary entries in detail.  […reading diaries of your life is fascinating… to say the least!]

Families are Forever! ;-)

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