Wednesday, March 16, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1944 - May 7 - School preview

From Mom’s Diary… 1944 - May 7 - School preview
This photo from a year later… but represents “going to school” in those days, the place…
Miss Peverstorf on the left, I'm in front, on the right

On the prior Tuesday: “Mildred stopped to ask Billy to school Friday.”

Mildred Peverstorf, who lived a half mile to the west, was the teacher at Willow #3, a mile to the north of our farm, where I would go to school in the fall. This was apparently a ‘try it out’ day, upcoming…

Friday, April 7:

Nice day. Made choc. cake. Fixed lunch for Billy to take to school. Pete went to LVene’s to get lunch pail. Mildred came for him at 12:00. Ate, cleaned up & Pete took me to Worker’s Conf. at Eunice’s. Quilted. Dor’t T. there. Doughnuts & cheese. Pete & Billy came for me. Walked down the lane. Folks came out for supper. Mom did dishes & I finished my ironing. To bed early. Billy really tired.

Note: Prior Sunday was Palm Sunday. Went to Sunday School. “Billy spoke a piece. Had large crowd. 56 there.”

Sunday, April 9:

Cloudy. Up early. Billy had to see if Bunny was here. Chores, cleaned  up & all 4 of us went to church & Sunday School. 70 there. Mom bro’t out chicken. Ate, did dishes. I took a nap. Turned kinda chilly. Had potato soup. Played rummy. Folks left. Pete & I put slip covers on davenport.

My comments:

I was interested to see that I got a ‘preview visit’ to school in the spring. There would be three in our class. Wonder if they attended on different day. Apparently only attended half a day, but included taking a ‘lunch pail’ - fascinating to see!!

Always interesting to read about Easter.

P.S. Later, on April 10: "Went to 'Lassie Come Home.' Too sad for Billy."
I never liked sad or scary movies... still don't!! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)


  1. That is a classic movie... and it IS sad... I have it in my DVD library... Great share, Bill...

    1. What fun! Beginning to have more memories. Interesting exercise! ;-)