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From Mom’s Diary… 1943 - Aug 3 - Nancy’s 4th Birthday

From Mom’s Diary… 1943 - Aug 3 - Nancy’s 4th Birthday

A few days earlier, a few days earlier, Mom mentioned that Howard was ‘home for 10 days’ obviously from his army service - he made a career of it…

This photo is from a church gathering, perhaps Bible School the following summer, but will insert it here because it goes good with “Billy went to Nancy’s party.”

Tuesday, August 3:

Nice day but still wet underfoot. Did up usual work. Ate early, did dishes, Billy went to Nancy’s party & I went to Marg. Brennan’s. Made buttonholes in slacks for Karole. Home at 6:00. …

Added note: On August 6: ...went to W. [Worker's] Conf. at Hazel Bolger's. 10 adults - 16 kids. ...
[Billy spending time playing with Nancy, again... and a few other kids, of course!!]

My comments:

There are numerous mentions of Mom and Dad going to Glenn and Ruth’s for gatherings, or other places together, along with other community friends. But, think this is the first birthday party I went to… certain, alone! Don’t recall another one, prior to this. Very nice. Has ended up very nice, 72-73 years later, as well!! ;-)

The mention of 'still wet underfoot' - there had been a huge storm. They had gone over to Dedham to see severe hail damage, a few days earlier, and it had continued to rain a couple of times... breaking a long heat spell... it is Iowa, after all! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

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