Thursday, March 31, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1945 - April 12-14 - Roosevelt died

From Mom’s Diary… 1945
April 12-14 - Roosevelt died
Franklin D. Roosevelt - 1944

On Wednesday night, Mom and Dad hosted a big party. “To bed at 2:00.”

Thursday, April 12:

Kinda lazy. Did up the work. Sprinkled clothes. Made another freezer of ice cream. Pete fixed the stretchers. Ate, doing dishes when Velma came & I fixed her hair. Took Hazel Bowman’s spoon & Marg’s stretchers back & then to Lil’s with her vacuum. Practiced songs for Paul’s wedding. Started raining. Came home. Ate. Roosevelt died at 3:35 P.M.
To bed early.

Friday, April 13:

Rainy. Didn’t get all the clothes dry. First day Jimmy ever stood alone. Pete got him to while I was hanging up clothes. Made 2 cherry pies & noodles. Chores early. Took boys in to the folks & we went to Young Married Couples at Jefferson. Toots, Lenore, Lucht’s, Honald’s, Anderson’s were there.
Ate discussed, danced. Home & got Jimmy at 1:00. Billy stayed in there all night.

Saturday, April 14:

Quite cold. Ironed my slacks to wear. Seemed quiet with Billy gone. Folks came at 10:15. Did sep, etc. Straightened the house, baked bread. Boys hauling trees out of yard. No radio programs - all Roosevelt Memorial. Did my ironing. Did chores. Orel stopped for the trees. Dad came, ate supper, I gave Billy a bath. Mom did dishes. Put kids to bed, listened to story of Roosevelt’s life.

My comments:

These three days suggest some of the life in the family at this time… in addition to what she said about Roosevelt. A few days earlier, someone had come with a power saw and cut down 7 trees in the front yard, and the tress had been cut up some. Different people got parts of them, it seemed.

Don Williams (Norma and Marla) had just ‘moved” a few days earlier. I assume that was from down the long lane to where his parents had lived, across from the Smith place, straight west of our farm. I think both couple lived there for a while. I have some memories of that… interesting.

Families are Forever! ;-)