Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless (Nearly) Wednesday - Merl and Pauline (Smith) Bower

Wordless (Nearly) Wednesday
Merl and Pauline (Smith) Bower

Merl and Pauline (Smith) Bower - married 1 Jun 1935.
[Pauline is my Dad's older sister.]
I don't know if this is a wedding photo, or later.
They will appear in Eileen's 75 Years Ago diary in Week 52, on a Christmas Sunday (Jan 3 post).
They obviously live out of town (not Coon Rapids, IA).
I suddenly realized I don't really know very much about their early years, before the had their two daughters, before the moved to California. And, I've forgotten, or can't find, when they moved west.
Their daughters were born in 1941 and 1945.
Hope some cousins will answer some of these questions!  Thanks!

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. I know that Pauline went to nursing school at Iowa Methodist in Des Moines after she graduated from high school. Nursing was a 3 year program. I think she worked as a nurse before she got married. From LVene's book, it looks like Joan and Joyce were both born in Los Angeles. At their 50th wedding anniversary, I remember them talking about building the house they lived in out there. They said it was after the war and they drove all over Los Angeles looking for lumber and supplies they could use to build the house. That is the little that I remember.

  2. Thanks, Becki. I was hoping you would have memories to share. I should have remembered the nurses training, in Des Moines. I knew that, but it had slipped my mind. She probably graduated high school in 1930, nurses training in 1933, married in 1935. Likely stayed in Des Moines and worked.
    I'm surprised that Joan was born in CA in Jan 1941 - that they were there, that early; but must have been. Joyce in 1945; they must have built that house shortly thereafter.
    Thanks again, for comments and information! ;-)

  3. Glad I had something to add. I am usually learning from you.

  4. You have lots to share. We just need to figure out the best ways to draw them out! Thanks, again! ;-)