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Sentimental Sunday - Reflections on my Dad's Family

Sentimental Sunday
Reflections on my Dad's Family

Posting the 1938 Smith Family Christmas photo on Wednesday got me to thinking about this group. My Grandpa, Bill, holding my cousin, Gary, in 1938, is already 69 years old and just holding his first grandchild - with all those children. They all married late, by standards of the day, it seems. I had not really considered that, and decided to see what their ages were at marriage and when the first child was born to each couple. [Grandpa Bill, "Pop" to his children, died before the next Christmas, 3 months after I was born (his second grandchild), the next summer. No, not my fault. ;-)]

Let's take a look at the numbers:
Willard (Toots) was born 1906, did not marry until 1945, age 49, first child at age 41.
Irene, born, 1909, did not marry; no children
LVene, born 1910, married Verle May 1938, age 28, first child at age 31.
Pauline, born 1912, married Merl in Jun 1935, age 23, first child at age 29.
Leverne (Pete-my Dad) was born 1915, married Eileen in Mar 1938, age 22, first child at age 23 (me)
Max, born 1917, married Orrin 16 Dec 1936 [75 years ago this coming Friday - they still live in Arizona], age 19, first child (Gary), age nearly 21.
Betty, born 1919, married Warren Dec 1950, age 31, first child, age nearly 33

Four of the middle siblings married between Jun 1935 and May 1938; oldest and youngest married the latest. They all lost their mother in 1923 when Betty was only 4, my Dad was not yet 8; Irene, 14, LVene, 13. And, the Great Depression fell in-between there…  Many other factors, I'm sure, as well.

On Tuesdays, I am writing about my Mom's diary entries, 75 Years Ago, … much about the days and times of those four marriages in there. Join us in weekly episodes, if you are interested.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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