Thursday, December 29, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Six weeks in So. Calif.

Those Places Thursday
Six weeks in So. California
Nancy and Annette in front of our apartment in Redondo Beach, California 
(I'm sure that was not originally black and white??)

In the afternoon of my graduation from Iowa State in the morning, one day in late May, 1961, the three of us loaded in the car (the gull-winged Chevrolet) and took off into the west for our new life in southern California. It was a very hot trip - air conditioning was not normal yet… Annette laid in the 'bed' in the back seat in her diaper, and was still sweating, along with us. Quite an experience.

We were pleased to have a nice apartment, not far from my work, not far from the ocean beach. What a life!

Within the first few days of our arrival, I got my orders to report to my first duty assignment in the Air Force, the 8th of August, as I recall. I was to report then to Ground Electronics School at Keesler Air Force Base, in Biloxi, Mississippi, as temporary duty for the rest of the year of 1961.

So, in addition to my work experience at Space Technology Labs, as a computer programmer, we got an 'all-expenses paid' (that is, I was getting a pay check!) six weeks vacation in Southern California. We did take advantage of it with many trips and vacation activities on the few weekends we had available.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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