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Hometown on Monday - Rural School Teachers, 1933

My Hometown on Monday
Rural School Teachers, 1933

From time to time, we get into discussions of which of our family and friends, in the old days, were teachers at which rural school around Coon Rapids (IA) where we grew up. Cleaning out some old Coon Rapids Enterprise copies of the Years Ago page, I came across one from 25 Dec 2008, in the 75 Years Ago column for 22 Dec 1933, the following entry:

To hasten the activities of the holiday season and to close the old year of school, many rural schools are entertaining at socials and presenting programs this afternoon and evening. Union No. 2, under the direction of Mildred Middleton, will be hosts at a social at the school house this evening. A program in which all the students will participate, will be given preceding the social and refreshments.

Pupils of the Star school will present a Christmas program at the school at the same time. They will be  under the direction of L'Vene Smith, teacher of the school.

Elma Johnston, teacher at the Jack Jergens school, will direct a program to be given by the pupils of the school this afternoon.

A Christmas program will be presented at the Oak Hill school tonight under the direction of Inez Grohe, teacher.


Comments and observations:
1) Mildred Middleton was a life-long teacher and school administrator. Union #2 would have been the school two miles west of the Star school, which was Union #1.
2) L'Vene Smith, later L'Vene Thomas,  was my Dad's older sister. She continued to teach, earned her degree, and taught in Coon Rapids schools though out her lifetime, as well.
3) I'm not familiar with either Elma Johnston nor the Jack Jergens school. Comments welcomed.
4) The Oak Hill cemetery was northwest of town… should not have been a school there, so it was somewhere else. Anyone know where? Inez Grohe, later Shirbroun (Speedy, the radio/later tv repairman), was my teacher for a couple of years later, around 1950 or so, at Willow #3, in Greene County, northeast of Coon Rapids.

Mrs. Inez Shirbroun, approx 1950

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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