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Social Saturday - 1961 in Photos

Social Saturday
1961 in Photos
50 Years Ago

As we finish 2011, let's take a look back 50 years, and look at some photos that highlight 1961. I recently posted a Those Thursday Places on our move to California after graduation from ISU. This photos related to before and after that!  ;-)

Here is a fairly special photo from early in May 1961. Grandpa and Grandma Kinnick with Annette and Nancy in the park in Bayard.

A few photos related to graduation day at Iowa State University, in Ames. It was a family affair.

Here is from my ROTC graduation, with Nancy; also my Mom and Dad, left, Nancy's Mom and Dad, right. Pete and Eileen Smith, Ruth and Glenn Bolger. [I'm sure I have it in color, but this is the one on hand...]

At the Pammel Court front yard, some of the young folks.

My brother, Paul, on left, Nancy's brother and sister, Joel and Janice.

Then, a few in California. Here are Annette and Nancy in front of our apartment:

Here I am with Annette - she seems to show up in a lot of these...  ;-)

Annette having her first 'beer' - A&W Root Beer:

Here Annette is walking on Hollywood Hall of Fame - Diana Shore's star.

Annette in her playpen/bed, that she rode in from Iowa to California. This is in the California apartment.

After the 'California adventure' - we went to Biloxi, MS, where I started active duty with the Air Force. In uniform:

With my Ground Electronics School class at Keeler AFB, in Biloxi:

Here is another photo of us in the house in Biloxi, just back from church:

We went back to Iowa, in December, to visit, before moving to Winslow, Arizona, starting in January. We recall it as the "Winter of 1961 Snow Storm."

Family gatherings, when we could, during Christmas visit; here are kids at Bolger's gathering:

Here are all the Kinnicks gathered at the Smith house:

It was a full year!  ;-)

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