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Eileen KINNICK - 75 yrs ago - Week 50 - Dec 7-13

75 yrs ago
Week 50 - Dec 7-13

My mother, Eileen KINNICK (maiden name), kept a diary from 1932 until her death in 1999. In Feb 2005, I created a website of her 1936 diary, the year she graduated from high school, and started dating my dad later in the year. The transcription, week by week, with commentary, notable items, and my comments are sitting there to view, unchanged (a few bad links and all!). . You are welcome to click on the Weekly Index, and go back to read the first half of the year, at your leisure.
My comments - in red
Commentary at the time - in green
Notable items - in blue
Setting: The family lived in a farmhouse a couple of miles out of town (Coon Rapids, Iowa). Older brother, Leo, lived at home; his girl friend, later wife, Ida, visited regularly. Younger brother, Buzzy (she often wrote Bussy) was 8 years old; see photo.

Week 50. On Monday, "Charlie and I decorated the window for Christmas" at the store.

On Thursday, rare notice of national news: "King Edward abdicated his throne this morning. Duke of York will ascend." Later in the day, "Sold 7 of the pigs." One story about as important as another, it seems!  ;-)

With wedding coming up next week, "Put my name on bedspread for Max's shower at Curly Higenberg's."

Noted birth of a first cousin, Jeanette Kinnick Brideson at 3 this morning, on Sunday.

 Jeanette and her husband, Richard (Dick) Shapley and their clan in Sept 1992.

Finished Sunday with: "Pete really looked swellegant!"

Comments welcomed! 

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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