Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Old Front Porch

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Old Front Porch

I really didn't realize I had this one... on digital.

This is the old front porch, on the southwest corner, of the home where I grew up. This photo is probably from about 1942 or 3, when Pete and Eileen and Billie first moved into their first home on their first farm. A few years later, where this porch is became a front entry way and the bathroom with bath tub - where I spent every night washing off from a hard day or play or work.

The entrance was nice, but we NEVER used it. We always came in, first on the east side old porch; then, when the big porch was added, the south entrance near the kitchen. What memories.

I do not currently know the other girls, but Mom, Eileen, is third from the right. I'm sure I know the others, will just have to figure out at another time. Your help would be appreciated! 

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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