Thursday, March 29, 2012

Those Places - GE in Schenectady

Those Places -  GE in Schenectady

I'm going to need to move on from "my memories" from Schenectady. I wanted to do one more piece to finish my time on the GE Corporate Traveling Auditors staff, but I cannot find my "prop."

I have an 8x10 piece of paper that is full of small photos. It is the structure of the audit staff and head shots of all the men (no women, of course, in 1968) on it that quarter. It was updated, quarterly, at least. It was something like 10 rows wide and 14 rows high with the 4 highest ranking (longest there) in a top row (Larry Bossidy, as I mentioned earlier, was No. 1, at that time). When you first arrive, your face appears at the lower right. As your tenure grows, you move along the bottom row, then start at the right again on the second row from the bottom.

I was up to about the third or fourth row (from the bottom) when I decided to "move on." Guys were always "moving on" of course, for various reasons. My reason was, as mentioned a while back, I came to realize I could not see myself doing what the guys going "up and off" were going to do in terms of job and location, within the Company. Also, to get high enough to get really good jobs, meant continuing this traveling life for several years. I decided: "I was married to my wife and children, not to the company." That is my story, and I'm sticking to it!  ;-)

I loved GE. I loved what they stood for. I still do. During the Arnold Palmer Invitational golf tournament last weekend, GE was a major sponsor. I always stopped and admired their commercials. I cannot help it. But, that life was not for me. So, we moved on.

Story to be continued.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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