Friday, March 2, 2012

Follow Friday - 2 March 2012 - FHISO

Follow Friday - 2 March 2012 - FHISO

The Family History Information Standards Organization, or FHISO, is a newly-formed international organization created to develop standards for the digital representation and sharing of family history and genealogical information. One community, one standard: I love this concept.

 FHISO will be a nonprofit, community-owned organization. Members will work transparently and collaboratively to identify, develop and maintain voluntary, open, consensus-based technical standards for international use. FHISO standards will be publicly available at zero or minimal cost on a non-discriminatory basis. Anyone will be able to implement the standards for any purpose without royalty or license fees. I see these as strong positives for our international community.

Membership will be available to all who participate in the global family history and genealogical community. I will share more about FHISO in future posts. FHISO's success depends on the voluntuary participation of all the global stakeholder groups. In the standard-setting process, there is no substitute for the active involvement of vendors, developers, technologists, users and family history or genealogy organizations. All of us must work together for the common good.

See Facebook Page.

I plan to post more details on FHISO. I like this organization. Stay tuned. I hope you agree.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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