Thursday, September 1, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Joseph KINNICK Pension File

Treasure Chest Thursday
Joseph KINNICK Pension File

In my Civil War Series on Sunday a week or so ago, I reported on the enlistment of my great-great uncle, Joseph KINNICK, in the Civil War on 18 Aug 1861. His story is extensively documented in his Pension File, as well as in other records. Today, however, I want to recognize that Pension File as a Treasure Chest item. I will only include a scan of one of the documents here, but the entire file is 'the treasure' - a 'treasure trove' of information including the information on his military service, the affidavits of neighbors over many years to earn the pension, the record of increasing pension amounts over the years, and the widow's pension that followed for a few years. Seeing the notification of death of both Joseph, and his wife, Rachel, is also a treasure. I'm sure I will post other scans, certainly transcriptions, that continue the story of his nearly five years of service, 150 years ago, in the service of his country.

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Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. You may have noted that I have been keeping a a serialized Amanuensis Monday post on my great grandfather-in-law's Civil War Pension File. As we dig further into the file, into the affidavits, we begin to find out about those who served with our ancestor, the conditions under which they became injured or ill, and the circumstances in the war which directly affected them. However, I am having difficulty in locating newspapers from 1864-1865 from that area (Craven County, NC) to get a broader perspective of what was going on at that period.
    Do you have any suggestions on other types of information that could be used to tie into the story line?

  2. Debra,

    Thank you, so much, for your comments. Best wishes on your project! ;-)