Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sport Center Saturday - High School Basketball

Sport Center Saturday
High School Basketball

I am trying to "spread my wings" by using an increasing variety of 'daily theme memes' on this blog - this is the first of this category - Sport Center Saturday. Excuse my using myself, to start, but I came across this photo, and it reminded me to start this meme....  This is at Coon Rapids, Iowa, High School, 1956-57, my senior year, I think, photo day in the gym... This is my white uniform, there is a black one, as well. I was not a starter, but I enjoyed it. Basketball was my best participation sport, even though it wasn't, relatively, all that great. Gets me started though. 

I have photos to share of my father, a grandfather and an uncle, I think, playing football. At least one uncle playing basketball... so, I'll try to locate those and begin to fill out this new meme, as I add others. Fun. Have you tried adding different memes to your blog?

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. And the smile is still the same today!

  2. Always has been, always will be. Thanks, Susan, for your comment. ;-)