Thursday, September 22, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Kaylee approaches four

Treasure Chest Thursday
Kaylee approaches four

My wife, Nancy, and I are visiting our grandchildren in Austin, TX, this week while our daughter, their mother, Arrion, attends business meetings in New York City for a few days. Dad, Ben, is working during the day, of course, so we are here to pick up (and drop off) the kids from school and 'take care of them' as needed. That is what grandparents do, and we enjoy it very much.

Last night, playing with Kaylee, coming up on four years old, we noticed this framed, hand-embroidered piece Nancy had done when Kaylee was born. It will carry down through her family as a keepsake, even though it is now only four years old. It was created with much love in anticipation of her arrival, and now occupies a prime piece of real estate on top of her dresser.  I thought I'd take this occasion to celebrate it, as we live our family histories, together! 

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Well, a happy 4th birthday to your adorable little Kaylee.

    You know, I made one of those kinds of pictures for my son (19), and my mom made one for my daughter (21). I never really looked at them as family keepsakes---we don't even display them anymore. But thanks to this post, I realize that they ARE family treasures. Thanks for that great encouragement.

  2. So sweet! I'm sure she will look back on that framed tapestry when shes married and share it with her children. I have been printing out all the blog posts on my regular blog and binding them to give our only granddaughter who just turned five. I hope it will be something she will enjoy way after her Nana is gone.