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Civil War Series on Sunday - Enlistment 18 Aug 1861

Civil War Series on Sunday
Enlistment 18 Aug 1861
150 Years Ago This Week

One hundred fifty years ago this week, Joseph Kinnick enlisted to serve in the Civil War.
He was the brother of my great-great grandfather, Walter Watson Kinnick:

Name: Joseph Kinnick
Residence: Wyanet, Illinois
Enlistment Date: 18 Aug 1861
Side Served: Union
State Served: Kansas
Service Record: Enlisted as a Sergeant on 18 August 1861.
Enlisted in Company D, 7th Cavalry Regiment Kansas on 3 Sep 1861.
Promoted to Full Private (Reduced to ranks) on 12 Aug 1862.
Mustered Out Company D, 7th Cavalry Regiment Kansas on 10 Mar 1865 at St Louis, MO.
Sources: 72

Note: He made a practice of leaving his unit to go home 'for a while,' now and then - he was a teamster; they always took him back. He had a couple of children born while he was 'in the service' of his country. His pension record is fascinating reading - as is his life, now that I think about it.  ;-)

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OK, here is more detail of his story...

On 18 Aug 1861, Joseph enlisted in Company D, Seventh Regiment, Kansas Volunteers, Cavalry. He served in Captain C.S. Merriman's Company of Wyanet. Joseph served as a teamster in the Quartermaster Department [6]. He was promoted to Sergt. 3 Nov 1861 [5]. In January and February, 1862, he was reported absent and deserted. Rolls for June, July, and August, 1862, show him present [6]. Reduced to ranks, 12 Aug 1862. [5] Returned 14 Aug 1862, reinstated by General Granger [6]. A second daughter, Margaret Susana (Maggie), was born to Joseph and Rachel on 5 Jan 1863 [] {strongly suggests where he was in March and April, 1862}.

For July and August, 1863, absent sick at Regimental Hospital. For September and October, 1863, present. For November and December, 1863, absent, but, assigned to the 3rd Michigan Cavalry, S.O. 15 Hdqtrs Cav Div 16th A. C. For September and October, 1864, absent, with leave in Camp. [6] Joseph served until being mustered out at St. Louis, MO, 10 Mar 1865. [5]

Reported in the Rock Island ARGUS, 14 Mar 1865: "a little daughter {Amanda} of Mrs. KINNICK, living about 6 miles above Sheffield in Bureau County {Concord Twp}, died in a fire last Thursday aged about 5y. She was alone in the home at the time with another child, aged 18m. {Margaret Susana}. Mr. Kinnick is a soldier." {names inserted by the compiler}.

From end notes: [1] Joseph said Richland Co on Pension Applications in later years, though that seems unlikely; will continue to check further.

[2] According to family tradition, based on information supplied by the Fletchers, see P.R. # 2. It is likely the Mercers were also on the same boat, or, at least, moved during the same season.

[3]"Laurel's Story, A Montana Heritage," by Elsie P. Johnson, 1979.

[4] Obituary, Elma Mae Moore, Mountain Democrat, May 13, 1987.

[5] Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, 1861-1865, Vol. 1.

[6]Pension file of Joseph Kinnick

... just a little more...  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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