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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Civil War Series on Sunday - Walter Kinnick - 2 Affidavits

Civil War Series on Sunday
Walter Kinnick
2 Affidavits

Each of us who have worked with Civil War Pension files are familiar with the incredible amount of paper work our ancestors were required to complete in order to qualify for their pensions - even many years after the war (hoops to jump through, some would contend) - and, to be fair, sometimes it
was because they had made a mistake... which is the case here.

Today I am sharing a set of affidavits from the Pension file of my 2nd great-grandfather, Walter W. Kinnick, when he apparently omitted an enlistment in Co. D, 7th Kansas Cavalry from his list of service. He was required, it appears, to have another person who served with him also submit an accompanying affidavit; that was William C. Warren, who appeared with him and said he knew/recognized him.

Walter's affidavit declaration reads:
He is the pensioneer (sic) Certificate #981.073, That he served in Co. I . 12 th. Illinois. and enlisted in that Co. April 22 nd. 1861. and was mustered in the Company. May 2 nd. 1861 and was mustered out August 2 nd. 1861. and Then in the Year 1862 August 14 th. he enlisted in Co. D. 7 th. Kansas Cav. That he makes this affidavit for the purpose establishing this enlistment which was omitted in my application for pension. That my Birth day is Eleventh day of Ocotober 1840.
/s/ Walter W. Kinnick
28th day of December 1915 Notary Public /s/ Edward Myers

Personal note: Neat to see his signature - and, good confirmation of his birth date.

 William's affidavit declaration reads:
He is 72 years of age That he served in the late rebellion Co. I. Twelfth Illinois Inft. That I am well acquainted with Comrade Walter W. Kinnick who served with me in Co. I. Twelfth Illinois. and we enlisted April 22 nd. 1861. and was mustered in May 2 nd. 1861 and mustered out August 2nd. 1861. Then in August 14 th. 1862 the records show he inlisted (sic) in Co. D. 7 Kansas Cavelry (sic). I make this affidavit in the presence of said comrade Walter W. Kinnick and recognize him to be the same person that inlisted (sic) with me.
/s/ William C. Warren
28th day of December 1915 Notary Public /s/ Edward Myers

Here is a photo of Walter W. Kinnick, seated, with his son, Alonzo, and grandson, Paul, about the time these affidavits were completed.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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