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Surname Saturday - KRAG married SORENSEN

Surname Saturday

As first reported recently in this July 31 Sentimental Sunday post and following a series of discussion with our new found cousins in Denmark, we now have the names of both the parents of my mother's maternal grandparents, Lauritz and Jensene (NIELSEN) SORENSEN, including maiden names in each case. Over the past two weeks, we talked of her parents, Niels CHRISTENSEN and Maren Kristine MORTENSDATTER (as well as learning about Danish naming patterns).

Today, we will share the brief information obtained on Lauritz's parents: Anders Christian SORENSEN and his wife, Dorthea KRAG.

It is first interesting to note that neither of these families followed the Danish naming conventions. The father of my great-grandfather Lauritz Christian SORENSEN was Anders Christian SORENSEN (b. act 1807, Aalborg, Denmark; d. 14 Jun 1886, Vor Frue parish, Aalborg, Denmark).

Lauritz's mother was Dorthea KRAG (b. act 1808, Aalborg, Denmark; d. unknown)

Anders and Dorthea were married 8 Apr 1831, Sonder Tranders parish, Aalborg, Denmark - the 'family' story has it that he was a widower at his death. He was a small farmer in Aalborg, Osterbro 12. [Aalborg is sometime spelled with one A and sometimes Aa - I will generally use Aa in my writing. Osterbro 12 is a location address.]

They had two children (that we know of, so far):

1. Anne Dorthea, b. 3 Jun 1834, Vor Frue parish, Aalborg, Denmark; d. unknown
2. Lauritz Christian, b. 9 Apr 1847, Aalborg, Denmark; d. 15 Aug 1922, Coon Rapids, Carroll Co, Iowa (my hometown!)

One more note: Dorthea KRAG - a daughter, Anne Dorthea - Lauritz named his first daughter, my grandmother, Dorthea Kristine…  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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