Saturday, September 10, 2011

Surname Saturday - Surnames through 3rd GGparents

Surname Saturday
Surnames through 3rd GGparents

Good time for a review of surnames. 

From page two of my (this) Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories blog (link upper left sidebar), these are my family names, thru 3rd GGparents, plus a few:

Butler, Carle, Christensen*,  Duncan, Fad, Kinnick/Kennick, Krag, Miller, Mortensdatter,  Nielsen*, Preston, Rolen/Rolin, Simmons, Smith/Schmitt, Soderstrom, Sorensen, Williams

*Same line - Danish naming convention explains difference.

Additional lines researched, further back:

Firestone, Jones, Kimmerling, Kirk, Lee, Schwyhart, Vesterstrom

[I didn't put in links, but you can scroll down to my labels, find the surname, and click to get all posts - in theory, at least - with that surname.]

Families are Forever! ;-)

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