Saturday, December 19, 2009

Surname Saturday - NIELSEN

My parents surnames were SMITH and KINNICK.
Their parents' surnames, respectively, were SMITH, PRESTON, KINNICK, and SORENSEN.
Their parents' surnames, respectively, were SMITH, SODERSTROM, PRESTON, MILLER, KINNICK, WILLIAMS, SORENSEN, and NIELSEN.

Today we will focus on the NIELSEN surname in my familiy. This is my "shortest line." Jensene NIELSEN was born in Denmark and died only a few years after arriving in the USA. I do not know who her parents were - I have not researched any overseas records. This will remain on my To Do list for quite a while - probably forever.

Below, I've adapted the information from the SORENSEN page, just to put her in perspective.

Lauritz Christien SORENSEN (b. 9 Apr 1847, Aalborg, Denmark) married, about 1878, in Denmark, Jensene Marie NIELSEN (b. abt 1853, Denmark)

Children of Lauritz and Jensene Sorensen:

1. Theodore SORENSEN (b. abt 1879, Denmark; d. abt 1899, Denmark, of TB)
2. Maurice SORENSEN (b. 14 Feb 1880, Aalborg, Denmark; m. 8 Nov 1903 Ida LUND)
3. Dorothy Christine SORENSEN (b. 26 Jun 1888, Aalborg, Denmark; m. 12 Aug 1914 Paul Harold KINNICK)
4. Christian Otto SORENSEN (b. abt 1890, Denmark; m. Mary THOMPSON)
5. Dagmar Rebecca (Delma) SORENSEN (b. 7 May 1891, Aalborg, Denmark; m. 19 Oct 1914 Clarence Clyde (Clyde) LUSE)
6. Louise Mildred SORENSEN (b. 28 Aug 1894, Aalborg, Denmark; m. 4 Jun 1919 Rasmus NIELSEN)

SORENSEN is my mother's maternal line. Here is a bit of that story line. Dorothy Chistine is my mother's mother, my grandmother. She is the tall one, center back row, below, flanked by Christian and Dagmar (Delma). Louise is between the parents. Maurice was already in the USA.

The Lauritz and Jensene Sorensen Family
Prior to leaving Denmark c.1903-4

Family is Forever! ;-)


  1. Bill This is interesting as I had not seen a Theodore for a given name in all the Danish records I did research in at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. I had a great uncle Lauritz Hansen and he died at age 4 days, but later the family named another child Lauritz Theodore Hansen and I wondered where Theodore came from.

  2. Small world, huh? Interesting observation. I've always seen this one, of course, so did not find it unusual. Thanks for the comment!!

    Bill ;-)

  3. I just happened upon your blog while I was doing some family history research. It turns out that we are related, albeit distantly. I am a descendant of Lauritz & Jensine Sorensen, continuing through Louise and Rasmus Nielsen. I am having a hard time finding any information about Lauritz or Jensine's parents and was wondering if you have any of that information. I would love it if you could email me, and we can share whatever information we have. I am so excited about this!!!

  4. Melissa,
    You are not distant at all. I grew up playing with the children of Louise and Rasmus, often at their farm near Bayard. My, I feel VERY close to their family, therefore, very close to you. Look forward to exchanging information. I send an email reply! ;-)