Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eileen KINNICK - 75 yrs ago - Week 37 - Sep 7-13

75 yrs ago
Week 37 - Sep 7-13

My mother, Eileen KINNICK (maiden name), kept a diary from 1932 until her death in 1999. In Feb 2005, I created a website of her 1936 diary, the year she graduated from high school, and started dating my dad later in the year. The transcription, week by week, with commentary, notable items, and my comments are sitting there to view, unchanged (a few back links and all!). I am starting this retro view in the middle of the year. You are welcome to click on the Weekly Index, and go back to read the first half of the year, at your leisure.
My comments - in red
Commentary at the time - in green
Notable items - in blue

Setting: The family lived in a farmhouse a couple of miles out of town (Coon Rapids, Iowa). Older brother, Leo, lived at home; girl friend, later wife, Ida. Younger brother, Buzzy (she often wrote Bussy); see photo.

Week 37. "Got Carl Scott to shock for us." "Riling binding our oats" These are each hiring neighbors to perform harvesting crops on the farm. Eileen's Dad is a banker, not a farmer. Leo did some basic work, rest done as 'custom work.'

On Wednesday, we see to common weekly events - Eileen studying her shorthand, listening to Lucky Strike Hour on the radio.

Here, we also get to see an image of the actual diary entries. Fun!  ;-)

Enjoy the read. Comments welcomed.

Families are forever!  ;-)


  1. I'm enjoying your series, Bill. It is wonderful that you have this living record of your mother's life. My mom was born in 1933, a full generation later. Things were already different by the time she was a teen.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I am happy I finally found I way to share this that was comfortable to me. I really appreciate your comment. THANKS! ;-)