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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - My Three Daughters

My Three Daughters

Annette, Arrion, Allison

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. How proud you must be. Three beautiful daughters.

  2. Very nice Bill, thanks for posting this. Any of them into genealogy?

  3. They each are interested, in their own ways, for different reasons. Probably the best way! ;-)
    One of the strengths of your family group is varied talents and skills represented; that is why we have chosen to expand the family publishing company, founded by the older daughter and her husband, that my wife and I both work with, to include the other girls as well, moving forward. Very nice group! ;-)

  4. Vision to Action Publishing, I forgot to mention the name. "Back to the Homeplace" is the first novel, but V2A has been publishing text books for over 15 years.


  5. Thank you for posting this lovely photo of your daughters...made me smile. - Dionne

  6. Twenty some years ago... I won't get more specific, unless one of them chooses to do so... ;-) Very proud of each of them!! ;-)

  7. Beautiful girls Bill, I know you are proud of them!