Saturday, May 15, 2010

Surname Saturday - Special Report - Common Surnames

Special Report on Common Surnames

 I am taking a break from my usual Surname Saturday posts to share this Special Report:

This post was stimulated by Lisa Louise Cooke Facebook discussion of Thomas Jones lecture on Tracing Common Surnames and Sean Lamb sharing the Wikipedia reference of common surnames:

Common Surnames (Top 15, in order, 2000) in the United States:

Smith *
Johnson **
Brown ***
Jones *
Miller *
Davis **
Wilson ***
Anderson ***
Thomas ***


* 4 of the top 6 are in my list of 21/32 closet on Pedigree Surnames (all listed on page 2 of the blog)
** son-in-law or aunt by marriage
*** wife's close ancestor or in-law

I suppose the point of this Special Report is to note how many of the most Common Surnames in the United States are in our family... it does make our genealogy work a fun challenge - as if we didn't know that already!!  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Bill, Nice list Bill, and at some point, I might like to steal your idea of the list. Many thanks.

  2. Those Smith's can really make you crazy! :)

  3. Well! Looks like I've got the top six names well covered in my family tree! LoL!! Are your wife's Brown ancestors from Massachusetts or New Hampshire, perchance??

  4. @ Barbara - it is fun, enjoy doing...
    @ Lori - glad my Smith bunch is fairly confined in dimension...
    @ Betty - Our Brown's are in Iowa for a few generations... since not direct, haven't gone back very far!

    Had a nice book signing, this after noon, for my novel, Back to the Homeplace, down in Hardy, Arkansas - folks from around the area were there.

    Bill ;-)

  5. I have Wilsons in Iowa--see post for today.