Friday, May 14, 2010

Follow Friday - 14 May 2010

Follow Friday - 14 May 2010

My recommendations this week.

This has been a remarkable week, for many of us. As many of you know, announced this week a Top 100 Genealogy Sites. Click HERE to see the list!

I took the opportunity the last two days to actually visit all 100 sites. It was an exhilarating and inspirational journey, as I have mention on Facebook. Another observation, that I have not mentioned before: without specifically checking, it appears to me that there was little overlap with the Top 40 recognized by Family Tree Magazine earlier this year. Those were the "usual suspect!" This Top 100 were largely the "unusual suspect" from the GeneaBlogger family. Thomas noted that 81 of the 100, if I recall correctly, were GeneaBloggers. Regardless, the honor was very nice. Beyond that, I again URGE EACH OF YOU READING THIS, over time, to vow to visit each of these other sites, that you may not have visited otherwise! THANKS! There is much to learn. These folks deserve our support and appreciation, as well. It will directly help the future of our family history, personal history, genealogy, and family story-telling efforts.

So, I'm not going to make further recommendations this week. Enjoy your visits!

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Hallo Bill,
    Thanks for your interesting post. I am still working my way through all the Geneabloggers sites since I joined a couple of weeks or so ago, so not sure when I will get to start on the My Heritage Top 100 !! But I will check them out.

    I am finding all the genealogy blogs so very interesting, every single one I have looked at!!

    I want to add some to my Blogroll and follow them, but have no idea yet how to do that!! I'll fathom it out somehow.

    Thanks again for your post, I will definitely make a start on the Top 100. ;-)

    Kind regards,
    Christine (rootsresearcher)

  2. Good for you, Christine. It is a great learning experience, isn't it! Enjoy the journey! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it.

    Bill ;-)