Friday, May 7, 2010

Follow Friday - 7 May 2010

Follow Friday - 7 May 2010

My recommendations this week. As usual, these are not in any particular order, I normally pick a good post from my week's readings, or left from the prior week! Hope they are useful or at least interesting to you, as well! If it is your first visit, even better!  ;-)


The information in this post has been discussed in a few places I read this week, but this is the one that first caught my attention. It is at and relates to the non-population schedules of the US census. Worth taking a look, and using.


This week I'm going to go with one of the sites I visit most regularly: Genea-Musings by Randy Seaver. Every week he does a BEST BLOG POSTS listing, which I have used a few times to make this list. This past week, he had really good coverage of the NGS meetings in Salt Lake City. He also has regular coverage of some neat meetings in Southern California. And, from time to time, he shares some interesting statistics. Oh, yes, he also reports his own family history and genealogy information, by the way!  ;-)


Shades of the Departed Magazine - April Contents... just a fascinating phenomena...  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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