Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Hazel BOLGER and Rhoda WILSON

Tombstone Tuesday

Hazel F. (WILSON) BOLGER and Rhoda L. WILSON (Sisters)

Continuing with my wife's family: Last week we had Glenn and Ruth BOLGER, her parents. Today, we see his mother, Hazel F. (WILSON) BOLGER (1892-1976). She married Frank BOLGER and had two children, Clara and Glenn, then he abandoned her and the children, all the the "19teens." She raised the two children to be fine adults in the community, was very active in rural Star Methodist church, and a friend to all. I was a neighborhood child (4 miles away) who attended the same church regularly, and I even knew her, then, as "Grandma Hazel" - she babysat with my brothers and I as we were growing up! When Nancy and I married, of course, she properly became "Grandma Hazel!"

Her unmarried sister, also very active in the church and community, was Rhoda L. WILSON (1883-1971). They had two older sisters, Anna and Laura. Their parents were Norman and Mary WILSON (look for them here, next week). This family always reminds me of Little House on the Prairie, with the four young daughters, because they did come from the east to western Iowa in a covered wagon in the 1870s to make their home near Coon Rapids, Iowa (these younger daughters were born at the new home).

The sisters are buried in the Coon Rapids Cemetery, Coon Rapids, Carroll Co, Iowa.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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