Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surname Saturday - HEALEY

Surname Saturday - HEALEY

Through the first 26 weeks of Surname Saturday posts, we named and discussed the surnames of my "round of thirty-two" (scroll down a bit) - back through 3rd great grandparents.

Now we are in the second week of sharing some of the "further back" surnames with which I have spent some time and done some research - some, like today, again, quite a bit, actually.

Today, we will look briefly at HEALEY, a common name in early Massachusetts. This is going back on my father's mother's line, PRESTON. Her father was James and her grandfather was William, The Old Sheriff. The father of William, the old sheriff was also William PRESTON (1755-1842) (and his wife, Elizabeth Cynthia LORD). His mother was Hannah HEALEY (1734-1812) who married William PRETON (1728-1804). This William was born in Beverly, MA, and died in Strafford, Orange Co, VT. Hannah HEALEY was born in Chester, NH, and died in Strafford, Orange Co, VT.

Hannah was the youngest daughter of William (1689/90-1771/2) HEALY and Mary (1690-?) SANBORN (we will look at SANBORN next Saturday!)

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. William Preston and Hannah Healey are my 1st cousins, 7 generations removed. Hannah's great grandfather, William Healey/Hele and Phebe Green are my 8x great grandparents, and also the ancestors of the Healeys who are involved with the entire Mott/Dominis story you've been following on my blog and Leah's "Internet Genealogist." Did you also know that William Preston's grandparents William Preston and Priscilla Randall are my 7x Great Grandparents. Welcome to the Cousin Collaboration!

  2. William and Priscilla are my 6th ggparents and your 7th ggparents. How neat! I've known there was something special about your blog... I just keep going back to it. Now we know... we really are cousins!! ;-)
    I believe this is my first real new cousin contact from the blog!! ;-) [Full disclosure - I posted this on Facebook, as well!]