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My Hometown on Monday - The Pingrey Family in census

My Hometown on Monday - The Pingrey Family in census - week 14

Last week, week 13, along with the photo of the six sisters, I included this census report of the family.

In the 1910 U.S. Census, the W. H. (Wilson H.) Pingrey family is listed - actually in Orange Township, Guthrie County, Iowa, near Coon Rapids:

W.H. Pingrey, 44, Aug 1855, parents born in Vermont, married Lucretia in 1879
Lucretia Pingrey, 37
Grace O. Pingrey, 19 (Grace)
Jessie B. Pingrey, 18 (Jessie)
Mary G. Pingrey, 16 (Gertrude)
Frederick W. Pingrey, 15
Franklin A. Pingrey, 12
Jennie  M. Pingrey, 10 (Maud)
Ada L. Pingrey, 7 (Adah)
Bertha L. Pingrey, 5 (Bertha)
plus two others.

This week, week 14, I want to share some additional selected census information for this family in 1920 and 1930. Let's start with the information from the photo caption:

Grace, Mrs. Chas. Carpenter
Jessie, Mrs C. E. Wolfe
Gertrude, Mrs. Albert Carpenter
Maud, Mrs. Chas. Cretsinger
Adah, Mrs. W. E. Macklin
Bertha, Mrs. Chas. W. Thomas

1920 census

Name: Grace O Carpenter Home in 1920: Union, Carroll, Iowa Age: 34 years 
Household Members:

Grace O Carpenter, 34, Farmer, wd

Virginia C Carpenter, 12
Bethane L Carpenter, 9
Dale P Carpenter, 8
Stanton C Carpenter, 6

1920 Census

Household Members:
Albert G Carpenter, 39
Mary G Carpenter, 35
Hudson A Carpenter, 11
Russell W Carpenter, 9
Maurice R Carpenter, 7
Mary A Carpenter, 5 1/12
Clara L Carpenter, 3 8/12
Maude L Carpenter, 3 8/12
Edward C Carpenter, 1

1920 Census

Name: Wilson H Pingrey Home in 1920: Coon Rapids, Carroll, Iowa
Household Members:

Wilson H Pingrey, 64
Lucretia Pingrey, 57
Fred W Pingrey, 35
Pearl Bower, 34
Bertha Kennedy, 31
Sarah Love, 25
Wilson, Financier
Fred, Salesman Realty, son
Pearl, F, Merchant, Dry Goods Store, Roomer
Bertha, F, Bookkeeper, Bank, Roomer
Sarah Love, F, Teacher, Public School, Roomer

1920 census

William E. Macklin, 28, born in China, parents in Canada and Michigan, Veterinary
Ada L. ", 26,
Jean L., 3, daughter
William E., 2, son
John D. Son, 3/12

1930 census

Name: C E Wolfe Home in 1930: Union, Carroll, Iowa
Household Members:

C E Wolfe, 51
Jessie L Wolfe, 48
Wilson Wolfe. 18
Thomas P Wolfe, 11
Frances Matthews, 39

CE Wolfe - Med Doctor, General Prac
Frances, F, Boarder, Teacher, Public School

1930 census,

Name: Charles M. Cretsinger Home in 1930: Orange, Guthrie, Iowa
Household Members:

Charles M Cretsinger, 41
Maud J Cretsinger, 40
Leora Cretsinger, 11
Linette Cretsinger, 10
Frances Cretsinger, 1 1/12

1930 census

Name: Charles W. Thomas Home in 1930: Union, Carroll, Iowa
Household Members:

Charles W Thomas, 36
Bertha L Thomas, 35
Helen M Thomas, 17
Bette L Thomas, 10
Marion F Thomas, 9
Majorie A Thomas, 7
Russell O Smith, 21

1930 census
Name: Frank Pingrey Home in 1930: Union, Carroll, Iowa
Household Members:

Frank Pingrey, 41
Mabel Pingrey, 32
Dorothy Pingrey, 18
Margaret Pingrey, 16
Wilson Pingrey, 15
Kenneth Pingrey, 11

1930 census

Name: Fred W Pingrey Home in 1930: Union, Carroll, Iowa
Household Members:

Fred W Pingrey, 45
Joe Fesck, 75 - Laborer

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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