Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Degrees of Separation

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Degrees of Separation

Thanks to Genea-Musing for another fun excerice, borrowed and adapted from another this week! Stop by there, to see the adaptation, of course.

On one side, I've got one more step than Randy, because two of them died too young...

1. I knew Paul Kinnick, my grandfather
2. Paul knew Walter Watson Kinnick, his grandfather and a Civil War veteran.
3. Walter Watson knew his father, Walter Kinnick.
4. Walter knew John Kinnick, his father
5. John knew his father, William, Sgt Major in Maryland line in Rev War. The Maryland troops were in Wilmington, Delaware, during the time Washington was at Valley Forge - they did capture a British ship, while there, with lots of supplies and took many prisoners... little known history, unless you are a Maryland buff...

However, now that I think of it:
My third great-grandfather, John Butler was at Valley Forge, with his seven first cousins, five of them officers, at least one would have been interacting directly with General Washington.

1. My dad knew his mom, Ella Preston
2. She knew her dad, James P. Preston
3. James knew his grandfather, John Butler
4. John knew his first cousin, General Richard Butler
5. Richard knew General Washington. Washington appointed him Commissioner of Indian Affairs in the west (Ohio Valley) right after the war.

Four degrees of Separation from General George Washington - guess that's why I have about 15 bios of Washington on my shelf, an arms length away. Had not thought of this, before, Randy. THANKS!  ;-)

Families are Forever!

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