Thursday, March 11, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Plaster of Paris car molds

Plaster of Paris car molds

Dad has been gone since 1977, Mom since 1999, I thought I took all "my stuff" when I got married, over 50 years ago. Yet, from time to time, one of my brothers (four younger ones - spread over 16 years) will hand me a box or envelope or sack and say: "I think this may be yours!"

Plaster of Paris car molds. Such is the case with these two rubber molds from the late 1940s or early 1950s (I was going to say "old" - but that goes without saying!).

One is a pickup, and one is a sedan - Fords, as I recall. Dad always drove Chevys, but my toys that I made were Fords... that was ok!  I made a few... but, you needed to have the "axel" - a special thick little wire with knobs on each end, that fit in the mold, and, of course, the little rubber wheels that fit on the axels, after you extracted the plaster of paris car/truck out of the mold, with the "axel" imbedded in the plaster. I know I still have a little car somewhere, in a box. Had a "pickup" for a long time... but think it "got left somewhere!"

Perhaps it will show up in a sack, one day, as well.  ;-)

It was a craft. Didn't know that name for many years, but it was a neat one! I built a lot of block farms, cities and towns around those cars/trucks!  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. How wonderful! Somewhere, in my all of my belongings, are my 'crafts' from childhood and as a teen. My favorite are tea towels that I embroidered to earn a Girl Scout badge in the 1960's. Seeing these things always bring back smiles!
    Thanks so much for sharing yours today!

  2. These are so neat. I have never seen anything like it. How wonderful that they survive to share!
    Your statement about your dad driving Chevy's struck a cord with me. My dad loved Chevy's and I can remember with word "Ford" being spoken with the most unfavorable adjectives. Of course, throughout the years, he did have to buy what was affordable, and in some cases those were Ford's!

  3. Did you make a lot of them, give them away, etc. I remember doing that craft too. A relative of mine did it and had given us some. We had horse heads a little lady, and a picture of a ship in the ocean. ahh yes, you got me remembering and thinking.
    Nice idea these items on Thursday.

    I'd like to read a little more on ways to tell your ancestry stories.I am going to check on that too.

  4. I love them! Thanks for sharing.

    Lori - my grandfather was a mechanic and from what Mom has told me he had the same attitude about Chevy's and Ford's. Fortunately, my dad was driving a Chevey when he and Mom started dating! I hate to think of what the course of events might have been had he been driving a dreaded Ford.....

  5. @ A rootdigger... I think I do remember the horse heads, perhaps the ship... had certainly forgotten... this my cousin had the horse head mold... I didn't! ;-)