Sunday, March 21, 2010

SCHWYHART men in the Civil War

SCHWYHART men in the Civil War database lists 11 cases of service in the Civil War by SCHWYHART men. My research suggests that 2 of them are cases of dual enlistments, so there were 9 men in the family of this surname to serve between 1861 and 1865.

Six of these nine men were of the first generation of SCHWYHART men - see Surname Saturday - SCHWYHART, posted yesterday. The other three were each sons of that first generation, William Z., son of Jacob; these were Landon (two enlistments) and Marion (twins born in 1845) and Henry (b. 1847) - they each served as privates.

The other three sons of Jacob to serve, each at the rank of private, were John Z. (b. 1817), James M. (b. 1827), and Isaac (1829-1862). Isaac died at Shiloh, leaving a young wife and six young daughters.

Three sons of Joseph who served were Joseph Z. (b. 1822), Jacob (b. 1826) (served two enlistments), and William (b. 1829). William entered service as a Sergeant and left as a First Sergeant, the others served as privates.

The information in this post is based on the best I have available at this time; it may not be complete. If readers of this post have additional useful information, I would be happy to discuss it. I do have pension records on Jacob and Joseph, but have not yet fully digested it. Ancestry listed their service units, for example, also, which I have not listed here. Much of this information will be included in future posts.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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