Saturday, March 6, 2010

Surname Saturday - KIMMERLING

Surname Saturday - KIMMERLING

On previous Saturdays, we have reported all of the known ancestor lineage surnames through  the great-great grandparent surnames (see earlier Saturday Surname posts in the left column, scroll down - back into 2009) and we have started on the next batch.

Looking ahead, from the "round of thirty-two" (scroll down a bit...) - 3rd great-grandparents - We know and will have reported on 9 of the sixteen Male lines (four are from Denmark) we know and will be reporting on nine new female surname lines of the possible sixteen: VESTERSTROM, SPRANG, LORD, KIMMERLING, FIRESTONE, SCHWYHART, LEE, JONES, and KIRK.

Today, we will look briefly at KIMMERLING. Rosanna KIMMERLING (1781-1813) was the mother of John MILLER (1806-1888) and husband of Peter MILLER (1779-1845). Her parents were Ludwig and Anna Christina (BONEWITZ) KIMMERLING. Rosanna was born in Berks Co, PA, where she married Peter MILLER in 1779. They had seven children. It appears that they were all born in Berks Co. Later, they moved to Ohio. Rosanna died in Columbiana Co, OH.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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