Thursday, March 18, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - compass


Cleaning and sorting in my little office in the cabin in preparation of the arrival of grandkids for a week this weekend... (ok, this was last week, I'm writing this a week ahead!) boxing up loose stuff not needed right now, that came out of earlier boxes opened for the other stuff in them... we just moved in full time in June 2009... cannot hurry these things... many boxes yet to go.

I find this compass in a neat little plastic case... sort of a velveteen plastic inner casing, with a compass in it. I got it when I took an army correspondence course  in basic architectural drawing (University of Wyoming, while I was in Biloxi, MS, as I recall) when I was in the Air Force (1961-1964) as an electronics officer. I can still visualize my drawings of studs and cornices and different facial views of houses, done for the course - though I never took another course nor ever worked in the field.

What do you suppose I did with it, this time, after taking a picture? Throw it in the trash where it probably belongs? Of course not. I had another box of important stuff, sitting there - old VHS player, several favorite tapes, a rewinder, a boxed set of Roy Rogers movies on VHS - so I dropped it there before I taped up the box to go back to storage. Of course I did. Really valuable stuff, right?!?!?!  ;-)

Families are forever!  ;-)


  1. Quite right, you never know when that stuff might come in handy. If it isn't broke then why throw it away, but then again that is probably why my parents house is still full of my belongings!