Saturday, November 14, 2009

Surname Saturday - PRESTON

My father's mother's maiden name was PRESTON, so this is a very important surname in my research. It is also quite different from KINNICK, that I discussed last week. About every KINNICK I find is of our "clan." Try to research PRESTON, especially William PRESTON (the name of my 2nd great-grandfather), and you find an unending supply of information - but all about different William PRESTONs than mine! It took several years to get a good handle on it.

My William PRESTON was the first elected Sheriff of Williams County, Ohio, in Defiance (at the time, 1826, in Williams County), and became forever known in the family and elsewhere simply as the "old sheriff." He is also noted in the history books of the area as "the first white settler" in Defiance, Ohio. A much more famous William PRESTON, from Kentucky, "passed through" the area in the late 1790s and keeping them separated in the records has been real challenge. In addition, a few years later, a cousin of the "old sheriff" lived and died in the area - again causing confused identities that were really "fun" to sort out.

We'll be discussing this family more, as we move forward, of course!

If you are related to, or have information on the "old sheriff" or his family, or on the area at that time, I'd love to hear from you!

Family is Forever! ;-)

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  1. Thank you for looking at my blog. I have plenty of stories to write down, I just need to find the time. After reading your story above I am more inspired.