Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Annual Kinnick-Williams Picnic

During my high school days, in the early-mid 1950s, "family reunion" became part of my life in the form of the annual ritual of the "Kinnick-Williams Picnic." My mother's fathers' parents were Alonzo and "Nettie" (WILLIAMS) KINNICK. The invitees to this annual gathering, in western and central Iowa, were the siblings and descendants of this family. My grandfather was the eldest son of Lon and Nettie.

In the photo, my grandfather is the bald gentleman, center back row, with his living siblings and first cousins. This is the generation that were the "old folks" as I was growing up. They are all gone, now, of course, and members of my generation are the "old folks." And life goes on...

Family is Forever! ;-)

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  1. Yes, Family is Forever. I bet you have lots of stories to tell your children about "sayings", industry, and love that happened around these wonderful folk.