Saturday, December 12, 2009

Surname Saturday - WILLIAMS

My parents surnames were SMITH and KINNICK.
Their parents' surnames, respectively, were SMITH, PRESTON, KINNICK, and SORENSEN.
Their parents' surnames, respectively, were SMITH, SODERSTROM, PRESTON, MILLER, KINNICK, WILLIAMS, SORENSEN, and NEILSEN.

Today we will focus on the WILLIAMS surname in my familiy.

I introduced the WILLIAMS surname in each of my last two Wordless (nearly) Wednesday posts - Iceman and Annual Picnic. This is my mother's paternal grandmother's surname. Nettie WILLIAM's father, Elias WILLIAMS, was born in either Gyffylliog, Denhigh, England or Ruthin, Wales (Depending on the relative you listen to; I do not have confirmation either way, yet) on 29 Jan 1838.

Elias married Ann Eliza DUNCAN in Illinois in either 1842 or 1843 (confirmation of date and place is needed here).

His death was reported in my hometown newspaper, The Coon Rapids Enterprise (Iowa), 10 Dec 1920: "Elias Williams, genial, hearty, whole-souled passed away after about a year's failing health due to cancer of the stomach. He was one of the oldest of Coon Rapids' citizens and a native of Wales. He followed the trade of brick mason and plaster for 40 years."

Three children lived to adulthood: Lemuel Benson (b. 1866); Margaret Jeanette (Nettie) (b. 1869); Josephine (b. 1872).

Family is Forever! ;-)


  1. Thank you for providing this interesting blog. My grandfather wrote the story of his life in three parts, but unfortunately only one if them survives to this day. One of these days I'm going to do something similar, whenever I get the time.

    I found your blog by pushing the "Next Blog" button after maintaining my own one day recently. If you're interested in photography, here's an invitation to visit mine at

  2. Neat, thanks! I tryed the "Next Blog" a week or so ago, as well, and found some interesting folks. You do have a very interesting blog. Best wishes!

    Bill ;-)

  3. The spouses of both Lemuel and Josephine are descended from Dr. Abner Miles of Waterford, Vermont. Since our family is also descended from his father, Abner, Sr., I have been researching as many branches of the family as I could find. Glad to have found your blog.

  4. @gigi2009 Thanks for stopping by. This is one of the pleasures of maintaining a blog. You do meet some really interesting people! ;-)