Thursday, December 31, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - Treasure Box

This is a nice walnut box with some history in our family. My wife fixed it up with the photo of his great-grandmother with his mother (and her sister). We gave it to our five-year old grandson for Christmas. He seemed to understand the significance to us.

This is the photo:

Here is the message in the box:

This box belonged to Great-Grandmother Mary Eileen Smith.
She was your Grandpa Smith's mother.
It had been a Christmas Gift from Grandpa Bill and Grandma Nancy Smith to her many years ago.
It is a special box to keep your treasures.
Take good care of it and you can give it to your child (or grandchild) someday.
Love, Grandpa and Grandma Smith, Christmas 2009

Families are Forever! ;-)


  1. What a wonderful way to make Family History important to your grandson! This is truly a precious gift.

    Happy New Year!

    Word Designer

  2. Very nice box. I hope he understands the significance of such a gift. I'm sure this will establish a love for family and genealogy.

    Have a good New Year!

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights

  3. Thank you for the comments. We will work with him and his parents to carefully make it more valuable as the years go by. ;-)

  4. What a beautiful gift! Someday, maybe he will post a picture of it on his blog for "Treasure Chest Thursday" :)