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Preparation Sunday - Form and Style - Part 2

Preparation Sunday - Form and Style - Part 2

Two weeks ago, in Part 1 of From and Style, we discussed the "Basic 3-generation family form." As we indicated there, this form was the basis for the common family histories of the many county histories that have been published over the years, perhaps beginning with the Bicentennial about 1876. This basic form focuses on a couple, but also listing their parents and their children, thus, three generations. The other element of this form that is basic is what I will refer to as the "style" - that is, the manner of using the vital statistics.

Today, we will demonstrate in our example a much more detailed style of report that also includes additional narrative about the family members, as well, using the same family story

James Preston Family

James P. Preston (b. 22 Feb 1835, Ft. Defiance, OH) married Ellen Rebecca Miller (b. 15 Sep 1850, Bryan, William Co, OH) on 21 Mar 1871 in Williams Co, OH. James was the son of William (b. 30 Dec 1780, Rumney Twp, Grafton Co, NH; d. 1837, St. Joseph Twp, Williams Co, OH) and Asenath (b. 23 Mar 1803, MI; d.4 Apr 1888, Jones Co, IA) (Butler) Preston. Ellen was the daughter of John (b. 6 Oct 1896, Berks Co, PA; d. 1888, Edgerton, Williams Co, OH) and Rebecca Firestone (b. 4 Jan 1808, OH) (Carle) Miller.

James left his home in Ohio in time to catch a wagon train to California from Council Bluffs, Iowa, in May 1852. He arrived in Sacramento with the train in September 1852 and went to the gold fields. He was actively involved in mining in both Nevada and Yuba County and owned a one-eighth interest in the very successful Blue Gravel Mining Company and worked in this mine for five years. He sold his interest in this mine in 1862 and went to Florence, Idaho, as gold was being worked there. Shortly thereafter, he moved on to the Montana gold fields and also purchased ranching property in Powell Co, Montana, near Deer Lodge. He alternates between the ranch and the gold fields as a superintendent.

The Prestons live on a ranch south of Deer Lodge, in Powell Co, Montana, and have four children:

1. Ernest Guy Preston (b. 20 Feb 1872, Deer Lodge, Powell Co, MT)
2. Harry L. Preston (b. 14 Jul 1873, Deer Lodge, Powell Co, MT)
3. John M. Preston (b. 1 Oct 1874, Deer Lodge, Powell Co, MT)
4. Ellen Rebecca Preston (b. 1 Apr 1880, Deer Lodge, Powell Co, MT)

You can again see from this example how many variations you can consider if you wish to report more details. Or, you could give a little less detail, and remove just a little bit of clutter by not giving the entire place name as I did in this example. If you didn't know a lot of that detail, you may prefer to leave it out for all. You can make that decision. Just try to be as consistent as possible within the story... and among several stories if they will be shared as a group.

I look forward to your comments and any questions you have.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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