Friday, February 5, 2010

Follow Friday - 5 Feb 2010

Thanks for stopping by this week. Comments welcomed.

"Blogging as Conversation" at is an excellent discussion of why we blog. I do my best to follow the recommendations. I hope you do as well.


Even if this is redundant, I am going to recommend the entire GeneaBlogger blog and related blogs of Thomas MacEntee based at

For me, it is HOME BASE for genealogy bloggers. I have his RSS feed on my iGoogle page as my genealogy starting point each day of the week. There are always three new posts, each day, to direct my thinking and planning. I go a lot of other places as well, of course, but this is where I start, and where I come back to, every day. Check it out. Become familiar with it. I think you will agree with me.


Today I am going to recommend that you look at the 1940 Census Substitute and 1950 Census Substitute at They are made up of City Directories, so they are do not include our many, many rural ancestors. However, as a research reference source, they are very nice. I am just beginning to make use of them, but I recommend you consider them.

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. I’m curious, how many blogs to you follow on a regular basis?

  2. An interviewer asked me that a couple of weeks ago; it is not an easy question for me to answer, actually. I probably tend to read about 30-50 posts most days... however, they are not necessarily the same ones all the time. I use iGoogle feeds and Google Blog Alerts to pick out content, mostly. Now, of course, a number of the same blogs will come up, over and over, because the content is fairly consistent. Interesting, huh?! Right now, the other thing I do do... I tend to read the site on the days of the Daily Themes that I use... and read a bunch of them... trying to identify some new blogs every day... and the New Blogger weekly report. [Then, there are days like this week, with my little grandkids, I may only read 3-5 posts all day!]
    Does that answer your question? Hope you'll reply, again. I'm curious what you were looking for! ;-)

  3. I just wondered. I read your blog daily - look forward to it, but have just explored some of the other blogs. I saw comments from you on some that you recommended, but I looked at some random ones and also saw comments. I'm impressed that you post daily, so I wondered how involved you were in reading others.